Derby City Life Links provides a wellness and mental health recovery service tailored to meet your needs.

Our information, advice and navigation services can help you find community and digital resources that will help you to achieve your recovery outcomes, make your independence more sustainable and support you in developing your own support networks.

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Recovery Stories

Hear from the people we have supported…

David’s Story

At 72, David was supported to complete his Digital Safety Certificate. Click this box for his story…

Ms. D’s Journey

Ms. D was supported to find herself again and reduce alcohol use, by doing some thought work and exploring her strengths. Click here to find out more.

Mr. A’s Recovery Journey

Mr. A. has social anxiety and panic attacks. See how 1-1 and peer support helped him in his recovery by clicking this box…

Dear All 🌻,

I have been very grateful to be helped by the online groups for stress and anxiety this year!! Especially as someone who is very isolated. I have ADHD, anxiety, OCD and suffer from  chronic childhood trauma. My family always bullied me and are still abusive to this day.

It means a lot to talk to fair and thoughtful people who understand and are helpful.

It made a big difference to talk to staff, who all were knowledgeable, caring, thoughtful and helpful. You really do pick staff well !!! Everyone was sensitive and considerate.

Thank you for your time and care it was very much appreciated 🌹.


I was a little nervous when I first came to my session at Derby City Life Links but I’m glad I did and I think my Recovery Worker a credit to Derby City Life Links. She really does what she signed up to do and that is try to help…


I always look forward to seeing my Recovery Worker in our 1-1 sessions and also now in the peer support groups.


My 1-1 sessions are very personal to me, I have opened up about things that I have not been able to tell other mental health professionals in the past.


During my 1-1 sessions I feel extremely comfortable and safe talking through the reasons I sought out help.


I couldn’t recommend you enough as both an individual and as a service, and your support was greatly beneficial to my mental state, giving me many coping strategies and helping me rethink things in ways that aide me.


I’ve had a very positive experience with Derby City Life Links. My recovery worker was very supportive, I had somewhere to come and talk about my situation and I was able to work towards my future goals. I learned mindfulness and assertiveness techniques, which have definitely helped me to get clearer on my healing journey.

TraceyLife Links Client

I called Derby City Life Links after I found myself struggling to afford food for my three children. Life Links helped me contact various organisations and food banks and now we have enough food to last us two weeks. We all really appreciate your help, especially in these difficult times. Thank you from the whole family!

AnonymousHelpline Caller

With a sincere heart, I would like to say thank you for spending your valuable time with me. Your support and guidance over the past few months was immensely appreciated! Indeed, it has helped me navigate through my tough turbulent times and given me a clear direction on how to proceed in my life!

AnonymousLife Links Client

Derbyshire Mental Health Helpline:

0800 028 0077

For immediate and out of hours mental health support, the Derbyshire Mental Health Helpline and Support Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their team of experienced mental health professionals are on hand to give support and advice at anytime, and help you plan your next steps.