Client Poem (MHAW)

One of our peer group attendees, Gary Owen, provided us with a poem for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021. This years theme was Nature.

Arose @ 8am cloudy day

Still sat outside on my patio with cornflakes & banana for my b/fast

5 magpies land in my garden @ the same time

A visit from Garry the squirrel

Who does a complete circuit of my garden

Down the brick wall that runs the length of my boundary on the left hand side

Across my picket fence in front of me, on my garden furniture

And down my gravel board fence on my boundary

Separating me from my neighbours Sally & Mandy

A pot of Columbian ground coffee satisfies my caffeine addiction

Usual suspects arrive to eat the worms, that come to the surface of my newly mowed lawns

I believe pigeons are vermin so I shoo them off

not encouraging them to eat & drink off my feeding station

so they can fly over my roof & poop on my car @ the front of my house

A new visitor this morning – a rook is a pleasant surprise

as is the guest appearance of a beautiful robin red-breast

I sit quietly unmoving & observe

Nature is wonderful as I embrace Lockdown

Late to bed yet early to rise

As my late grandfather used to say to me @ 5am, he was a newsagent,, & I had two paper rounds to deliver before school “This is the best part of the day before the Woodbine smoke tarnishes the air.”

I relax with more coffee on my newly swept patio

observing nature in my peaceful garden.