Derby City Life Links Turns 2!

Today, Derby City Life Links celebrate our 2 year anniversary!

 Even though the last year has been challenging with the ongoing pandemic, we as a service have adapted and evolved in how we can support our clients. We want to celebrate our two year anniversary by going back and looking over some of our favorite moments of the year, and what some of our clients had to say about the service!

Here is some of the feedback we have received in from the last Year:

 “I called Derby City Life Links after I found myself struggling to afford food for my three children. Life Links helped me contact various organisations and food banks and now we have enough food to last us two weeks. We all really appreciate your help, especially in these difficult times. Thank you from the whole family!”

“I’ve had a very positive experience with Derby City Life Links. My recovery worker was very supportive, I had somewhere to come and talk about my situation and I was able to work towards my future goals. I learned mindfulness and assertiveness techniques, which have definitely helped me to get clearer on my healing journey.”


Humanitarian Day Feedback

“I really enjoyed the Humanitarian zoom session. The kindness and thoughtfulness shown by Ritu sending the flyer, teabag and biscuit was such a lovely gesture encouraging the theme of giving without agenda, bringing together and including, encouraging people to feel at home, comfy and join in via a virtual setting. I really enjoyed listening to all the experiences of people across different situations and learning more about a day I didn’t know of until the zoom session. Meeting people via zoom initially with recovery works was something that was way past my comfort zone. Doing so over the Covid outbreak as given me so much more confidence with social anxiety and this meeting was one of the pivotal ones in my recovery. It gave me the push I needed with my confidence to start exploring and branching out further trying new things online virtually and meeting new people in other settings. It was really heartfelt everyone coming together to discuss, share ideas United from all walks of life. Everyone shares a common denominator we are all human. Anyone can be a humanitarian and the world we live in there is always so much more to learn from everyone we meet. It was an absolute privilege to have been invited and hearing more from others from all walks of life as awoke my passion to get back out there again exploring whilst at home via online. More events like this encouraging people from all walks of life to meet up virtually, discuss, explore and learn from each other is something I would definitely encourage. It was a meeting I will remember as pivotal which also pushed me into trying new things, learning more and expanding my horizons. Thank u to all at recovery works and all who participated for such a lovely meeting which was also well thought out and all the hard work encouraging people to talk, learn from each other and expand their mind ☺️” – Anon

On behalf of a client who attended the Hearing voices group

“He said that he had joined your Hearing Voices group this morning. He told me that the group was great, and found it so helpful.”

Wellbeing workshop

“Yesterday we had a well being workshop. I found it very helpful The mindfulness breathing and mental health tool box idea too It was long but we had a break so that was ok. It was nice being with other people who were struggling too and looking of ways to find living at a little bit easier. And lockdown has made it difficult This is my feedback Louisa”

Thank you to everyone who has supported and contributed to this service. To all of our hardworking staff and volunteers, we would not be in this position without you!