Gratitude Jar

This year has been full of unknowns and surprises for all of us. It is has been hard to adjust to all the changes and cancelled plans due to the COVID-19.

We haven’t had many positive things to reflect on but there have been positive moments in our lives where we have smiled and we have been kind to others as well as shown acts of kindness.

To appreciate and reflect on positive moments in our lives, a personal jar or a ‘memory jar’ stores memories, and is so easy to make. This year I feel that it is even more important than in the past to remember to be grateful.

Gratitude is more than just saying ‘thank you’; it is recognising good thing, kindness and being appreciative of ourselves, others, and the world around us. With everything going on it is understandable that this may not come as easily as it used to, but that is the exact reason we must keep it up!

So, every day take a moment to find something to be grateful for, this may be something big someone has done for us or something as small as having a nice bath or our favourite meal.

You can download a Printable Gratitude Jar by clicking here

Thank you to everyone who has supported and contributed to this service. To all of our hardworking staff and volunteers, we would not be in this position without you!