24th October 2020

Make a Difference Day is an unofficial observance day that emphasises the significant contributions of volunteerism and community service across the world. It was started in the year 1992 on the fourth Saturday in the USA by the “USA Weekend” – the second largest national newspaper at that time. They suggested the readers that since 1992 was a leap year people should take the extra day and use it to do something good for their communities or for those in need. However, this idea caught on like wildfire and has been celebrated ever since beyond the borders. Over 120,000 volunteers across the United Kingdom take part in volunteering projects and do their bit to make a difference in their communities.

This year Make a Difference Day will be celebrated on Saturday the 24th of October and the ways in which we want to celebrate this day can only be limited by our imagination and willingness to contribute our time and creativity. Remember, making a difference need not to be a grandiose gesture, it can be as simple as buying a coffee for a co-worker who’s looking down, or lunch for a homeless person just trying to get through the day. You can even donate your old clothes and blankets to shelters or charity shops to help people get back on their feet and stay warm. Just a listening ear can do magic to someone’s day, a few words like “I understand”, “don’t worry” can have a significant impact.

Let us celebrate all those people across the globe that go out of their way to give service to their communities. If you have plans to mark the occasion, or have a story to share about how someone else has really made a difference to you, let us know.

And if you are looking for ways you can make a difference in your community here are some ideas:

  • Volunteer in your community or for an organization. 
  • Be a mentor. Help a youth or another professional to gain new skills.
  • Make a donation to a charity with meaning to you. 
  • Say a kind word of support to someone who is struggling. 
  • Put your skills to work. Sometimes our hobbies can bring joy to others in ways we least expect it.
  • Make a hot meal for someone or a family who are struggling.
  • Donate warm clothes as the winter has set in.
  • Lend a listening ear to someone who is in need.
  • Motivate someone to help themselves.
  • Talk to an elderly who is living on their own as loneliness is one of the major concerns during old age.
  • Keep your neighbourhood clean.

No matter what you decide to do to make a difference, do not forget to share it with your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues. Not with the intention to show off but to encourage and motivate people around you to take a step forward to impact someone’s life in a positive way.

Also, Listen to the Make a Difference bulletins on your local BBC radio station every day which are around the support provided during the pandemic by different organisations and individuals in our area.

You can also volunteer with us

In these Uncertain times during the Pandemic coming Together as a community has been a life saver. It has built a sense of solidarity and has strengthened communities in times of crisis. Contact us today and see how you can make a difference.


‘It has been a really exciting, fulfilling and rewarding experience volunteering with Derby City Life Links. The staff are very supportive and friendly, one of my top involvements. ‘ Volunteer

One of our volunteer shared  his volunteering experience within Derby City Life Links. He mentioned working on the Phone-line, and the different events he has been able to attend as part of DCLL, including East Midlands Railway’s R U OK campaign at Derby train station.

Another  volunteer, reflected on her personal journey and how this has lead her to become a mental health and peer support specialist and now delivers 1 to 1 support using the CHIME model of recovery, which highlights the importance of Connectedness, Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment in personal recovery.