Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

For Mental Health Awareness week,  we ran an event at our local shopping centre – Derbion. The centre has a community hub and we based our selves there for the Wednesday of MHAW. We invited people to complete an activity called the tree of strength where they identified what gives them strength personally. It gave us an opportunity to chat to members of the pubic about mental wellbeing and our service.

Prior to this week some of the staff from Ted Baker who have a warehouse in the city, employing over 400 people, contacted us, and met with Dolly and Laura – two of our staff. Ted Baker wanted to provide an opportunity for us to meet with their staff and to explore their mental health needs and they also wanted their staff to be aware of our service. Dolly and Joanna provided an information session and said that the staff at Ted Baker were very welcoming and supportive. J The staff at the warehouse also did a Step up challenge during their breaks and gave us a generous donation.

 Julie the finance manager said:

“We just wanted to thank you and your team for your help over the last few weeks – we feel that it has made a real difference to many. We will as suggested leave leaflets for our staff but would value an opportunity to potentially run occasional further workshops to keep this on the agenda. There are activities and support that we can deliver in-house but I’m sure there is value in bringing in anonymous independent experts or joining in with your wider events in the future. To that end, we’d like to stay in touch – are you comfortable to review any support that you can offer in a few months’ time? Also, if you have any fundraisers, events or services running locally that you would like us to promote around site, please do send us details and we will send this on to our colleagues.”

As a follow up, Josh and Abbie (Recovery Workers) and Sofia (volunteer) ran a workshop on everyday wellbeing. This was attended by ten Ted Baker staff. Shift work is very common and at the request of the staff the workshop focused on stress and sleep to make it relevant. Josh said it was nice to see how much Ted Baker care about the mental health of their staff and the support they have for their colleagues. They also have a headspace room for staff.

One of the highlights of our visit was they opened their factory shop for our staff and volunteers and there was an opportunity for retail therapy!