Volunteers Week is a great opportunity for us to give back to our volunteers as they give so much to us. As a part of this week, our Volunteer Coordinators Leah and Philomena sent out thank you cards to express our gratitude for the amazing work they do! We also had our first group gathering where we had a lovely lunch and were able to highlight the great work of the volunteering team. Our social media has also been all about our volunteers! All of our team have shared their experiences of working with volunteers, and our volunteers have shared their experience of working with Derby City Life Links! Look at what our staff and volunteers had to say below:

Leah Hood

Volunteer Coordinator

It is an honour and privilege to recruit and manage the team of volunteers for Leicester and Derby City Life Links. They are essential to the running of our service and are so enthusiastic and passionate about the work that they do. We couldn’t provide the service we do without their support and dedication. They are an asset to our team and bring a wealth of fresh skills to the service. Thank you volunteers for all that you do. It is a privilege to work with you!

Philomena Temple

Volunteer Coordinator

I really enjoy recruiting and managing volunteers for our service. Volunteers bring new ideas, skills and qualities and help us to grow our service. We can provide more peer groups and recovery education courses by having volunteers, including those with lived experience as co-facilitators. They provide valuable resources and have a positive impact on our staff team. So a huge thank you to all our volunteers.


Recovery Worker

I would just like to say how amazing the volunteers I have worked with have been! They are all super passionate and ask so many questions – which I love!! I especially would like to say a big thank you to Christina and Abbie (when she was a volunteer) for being so welcoming when I first arrived and helping me out on my Friday info line shift!


Recovery Worker

Our volunteers are essential to the service and play a really important role. Whether answering calls on the info-line or participating in groups and workshops, they provide a vital service that is greatly appreciated. Along with fulfilling the role of volunteer, all are very enthusiastic and friendly, and add to the team. Thank you!


Recovery Worker

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to start volunteering with Derby City Life Links and since my first day I was welcomed into the team and have taken part in a huge selection of events and services. I’ve helped plan groups and workshops, done videos and tours of some of the other services within Richmond Fellowship and spread awareness of some really important dates on the calendar such as mental health awareness week and stress awareness month. It sounds cliché but I know that the time spent here is important and has meaning. It’s a productive use of time and it really is helping people. I thoroughly enjoyed being a volunteer here and knew that this is what I wanted to be doing. I gained so much valuable experience as a volunteer which ultimately helped me reach my current position as a recovery worker. I can’t recommend volunteering enough. It doesn’t matter how much time you give, it’s absolutely invaluable and so appreciated. Now I am fortunate enough to work with our volunteers and they are an absolute asset to the life links team!



Since I started volunteering in January, I have really enjoyed getting to know the other volunteers and recovery workers. This is the first time I have volunteered within mental health, and I was nervous to start. However the team at DCLL have made it comfortable for me and as the weeks go by I feel that I am becoming more confident. Though I have limited contact with service users, I have found my phone line shifts beneficial in helping me to communicate with those who are looking for support or feel as though they are in crisis. Also just being a listening ear for someone has proven to be helpful. As I started volunteering during the pandemic, co-facilitating workshops via zoom has been interesting/ new and allowed me to get creative with making presentations and finding useful resources for each week. My favourite experience so far since volunteering has been the recovery worker/ volunteer social drinks which were fun and a chance for us all to get to know each other better! Also, the transferable skills I am learning which will help me for potential future career options working with those experiencing mental ill health is useful.